Chris Czach front end developer


who I am...

Hello I'm Chris, a front end developer based in Orange County, California.

I create performant and responsive websites and apps with JavaScript / ES6 mostly using React.js or with a React based front end framework such as Gatsby.js or Next.js.

I have three years experience with JavaScript / ES6, two years developing SPA's with React.js, and four years with HTML / CSS; I also have a working understanding of Python and TypeScript and am currently exploring Clojure and functional concepts.

things I've done...

Most of my experience has been focused on the front end making React.JS single page apps and Gatsby.JS serverside generated sites but also have experience with full stack projects in Python / Django and Node / Express. Please browse some of my latest projects or checkout my github.

say hello...

If you want to get in touch, discuss a project, or just say hello, feel free to use my contact form. I can also be reached via email at or give me a call at (714) 725 - 8764