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who I am...

Hello I'm Chris, I'm a self taught front end developer based in Orange County, California.

I'm working full time as a Purchasing Manager and doing freelance web development on the side. I'm planning to transition into doing software development full time.

I'm currently looking for a full time front end developer role. If your company is hiring I'd love to hear from you!

what I do...

I create performant and responsive websites and apps with JavaScript / ES6 mostly using React.js or with a react based front end framework such as Gatsby.js or Next.js.

I have three years experience with JavaScript / ES6, two years developing SPA's with React.js, and four years with HTML / CSS; I also have a working understanding of Python and TypeScript and am currently exploring Clojure.

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my background...

TL;DR Made basic HTML and CSS webpages as a kid, did some eCommerce work for a while at work, now I'm looking to make a move to do front end development full time.

a long time ago... I've always had an interest in web technologies which started with making embarrasing geocities pages and myspace themes for my friends as a kid and has continued with various levels of involvment either in work or on side projects.

not so long ago... I was involved with 🚀 launching the eCommerce site at the company where I worked, I collaborated with an outside consulant to integrate the CMS with our ERP system.

Managed the site for the first three years after launch, updating product pages, creating HTML/CSS landing pages, on page SEO, and marketing emails.

After that time I was promoted to a different role in the company which while having a lot of positives, it sadly pulled me away from the web side of the business.

currently... I'm working full time as a Purchasing Manager but with freelancing and working on personal projects, I'm learning that my real passion is in web / software development and being able to take something from being an idea to an implementation is something that I love doing.

Are you looking for a front end developer? Contact me!

Key Skills

Python 3.x
Front End
Material UI
Back End
Node.js CMS
Dev Ops / Deployment