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WIP - Felipe Flores Comics

A website for a local artist using Gatsby.js, CMS, and Material UI.

Technical Specs
Front End
Material UI
Back End CMS
DevOps / Deployment


I built this site for a local illustrator to showcase his work to potential clients and to serve as a landing landing page for visitors coming from his instagram.

Goals identified going into project:

  • Design site to be mobile friendly to target visitors from instagram but also be responsive so that it looks good on larger screens.
  • Create a comic book feel but still keep the design clean to highlight the art.
  • Use a pinterest style mosaic layout for the portfolio section.


I decided to use Sanity headless CMS for content management, Gatsby.js for server side generation, Material UI for the component library, and continuous deployment was handled through Netlify with webhooks; rebuilds triggered when content changes on Sanity or source code changes on GitHub.