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Fluid Pictures Inc

A website for a TV/Film equipment rental business. Site is built with Gatsby.js and's headless CMS.

Technical Specs
Front End
Back End CMS
DevOps / Deployment


The client wanted to update their website to be mobile friendly and easy to manage. They reached out to me when they weren't able to get in contact with the agency that originally developed their site.

Goals identified going into the project:

  • Make the site mobile first.
  • Integrate a CMS to allow the client to update site.
  • SEO through on page optimation and server side generation.
  • Provide client with source code and deployment instructions to prevent issues like they had with not being able to get a hold of the pervious developer.


We decided to use Sanity headless CMS for content management, Gatsby.js for server side generation, and continuous deployment was handled through Netlify with webhooks; rebuilds triggered when content changes on Sanity or source code changes on GitHub.

The client was provided with the source code for the site as well as instructions to setup DNS, update API keys in project, and deploy to Netlify.


The finished site was heavily tested on various devices to ensure responsiveness which along with server side generation, CDN hosting, and on page SEO improved page ranking.

After the site was deployed, we ranked within the top three results on targeted search terms and on first page on generic terms. Prior to these changes the site was ranked low on the first page for targeted terms and a couple pages back for generic terms.