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Sonder Floral

A website for a local florist built with Gatsby.js and's headless CMS.

Technical Specs
Front End
Backend CMS
DevOps / Deploy


This site was for a local florist that wanted a minimalist portfolio site.

Goals identified going into project:

  • Design site for mobile first.
  • Intergrate CMS for easy updates and posting to the blog.
  • Keep site light weight and lazy load as many assets as possible.
  • Create a responsive photo grid for portfolio page.


I used Sanity CMS for content management and Gatsby.js for server side generation. Images are kept to a minimum and are lazy loaded to minimize thread blocking on initial load.

Responsive photo grid on portfolio page was accomplished using CSS grid. A subtle parallax background effect was added on pages with scrollable content.

Hosting and continuous deployment was handled through Netlify with webhooks; rebuilds triggered when content changes on Sanity or source code changes on GitHub.